Knights of Lone Jihad

You are the knight who strikes the enemy’s heart, penetrating his armor, exposing his vulnerabilities. This unique heroic act can only be performed by you, with steadfast determination, unfaltering courage and rock-solid resolution. Few are selected by Allah for this purpose.

The Solo Jihad or lone wolf attacks that carried out by individuals is no new phenomenon or a new addition to our Deen, it was practiced during the time of the Prophet, ﷺ, and its historical roots back to al-Sahabi Abu Basir, and his well-known story when he formed the first guerilla group in Islam, and the great Sahabi Abu Jandal subsequently joined him. A testimony to this method is what happened at the end of the life of the Prophet, ﷺ, when al-Aswad al-Ansi apostatized in Yemen, seized power there. Then a blessed man put up resistance, carried out individual operational activity on his own initiative and assassinated al-Aswad al-Ansi, altered the balance of power, and consolidated Islam in Yemen. The Prophet, ﷺ, praised this act when Gabriel brought the good news of this decisive victory.

Throughout Islamic history, individual initiatives were repeated. During the Crusader wars, Many isolated units and groups of al-Mujahideen performed the solo Jihad duty, before the rise of the Zengid state, and then the Ayyubid state. In contemporary Arab history, a well-known story is when a single Mujahid was able to alter the balance of power, and to influence the course of a large colonization campaign. This happened when the heroic Mujahid, Sulayman al-Halabi,  fled from Aleppo to Jerusalem, where he asked one of the Ulama there to issue a Fatwa on killing Kleber, the commander of the French campaign in Egypt, whom Napoleon Bonaparte had appointed as his successor. He then went to Cairo, and there he killed him, and this was one of the reasons for the departure of the French campaign from Egypt. The only price of this victory was the achievement of Sulayman al-Halabi and his Shaykh, who issued the Fatwa, though Sulayman was executed in a villainous way, his head was transported to Paris, and it is still displayed in one of its museums, under the phrase “Head of the criminal Sulayman al-Halabi”. His blood is still debt on al-Ummah and the sanctity of his body is still calling, but his head is still a reminder of the heroes of Islam in a Paris museum.

Since the second Gulf War in 1990, tens of solo operations have taken place here and there, Ayman Hassan, 21-year-old, carried out a heroic operation on his own initiative against Israeli soldiers in Eilat, he killed and injured many of them. This operation required heavy and hard training since he had to leave his position on the Egyptian side of the border and penetrates about 15 kilometers into the Negev Desert carrying his automatic weapon in November 1990. The hero Sayyid Nusayr al-Masri killed the fanatic Zionist rabbi Meir Kahane in one of Manhattan’s hotels, who was one of the most hardline Jews towards the Muslims in Palestine and had a program for expelling all Palestinians from Palestine. As a result of Kahane’s assassination his group was dissolved and vanished. Also, the heroic knight Nidal Hassan killed and injured tens of Crusader soldiers who were preparing to transfer from Texas to Afghanistan to shed the blood of our women and children those who have committed no crime, except that they are Muslims. Shaykh Anwar al-Awlaki said about him:

Yes, Nidal Hassan is one of my students and I am honoured with that. I am honoured that the likes of Nidal Hassan are from my students. What he did was a heroic act and a great operation, and we ask Allah to solidify, protect and release him. And I support what he did, and I call everyone who belongs to al-Islam, who claims to belonging to al-Islam, while working in the American Army, to walk on the footsteps of Nidal Hassan. The righteous deeds cancel the wrongdoings. I also call upon Muslims to walk on his footsteps; to carry out al-Jihad either with words or wage al-Jihad with the hand, and the model that Nidal Hassan exemplified is a great model, and we ask Allah to make it an opening for many Muslims to walk his footsteps

In Jordan, a Jordanian soldier from the Border Guards boldly opened fire at a number of female Jewish students who were making movements that were mocking the Muslim prayer, and killed a number of them. In Egypt, the heroic soldier Sulayman Khatir opened fire, by independent decision, at a group of Jews who tried to infiltrate the Egyptian borders. In Beirut, al-Mujahideen climbed to the roof of a building and fired a number of RPG rockets at the Russian Embassy during one of the Russian campaigns against Chechnya. During the days of the Gulf War, an old Moroccan stabbed ten French tourists in Morocco, and the body of an Italian was found in the Emirates. In Egypt, a citizen delivered a letter to Hosni Mubarak, and then stabbed him with a knife then he was killed by the guards, and so on.

This way of al-Jihad should be the guidance for any Muslim who wants to participate in al-Jihad without costing him the hardship of traveling and making al-Hijra, or wants to pursue al-Jihad in secrecy alone or with a small cell of trustworthy people in his country, or anywhere while he pursues his everyday life in a natural way. This type of al-Jihad is fundamental for exhausting the enemy and causing him to collapse and withdraw, since it is the most way to repel states and topple governments, moreover it is arouse the spirit of al-Jihad in the believers’ hearts. Allah SWT said: “So fight for the cause of Allah; you are not held responsible except for yourself“, this Aya shows us that deterring the aggressor that has corrupted our Deen and life is not the responsibility of al-Mujahideen only, but it is the responsibility of each individual from this Ummah, each according to his own. And he who couldn’t connect with al-Mujahideen should put effort and mobilize —after depending on Allah— to carry his goal even if he was by himself.

In his 1600-page book, “The Call to Global Islamic Resistance“, Shaykh Abu Mus’ab al-Souri provides steps to fight al-Jihad without the need to attend a training camp. The breadth of this 1600-page manifesto is very wide, and topics range from the history of al-Ummah to autobiographical anecdotes about his role in al-Jihad. A significant portion of this book discusses in detail the most effective strategies for waging individual Jihad against the West. It is a fully comprehensive manual providing step by step instructions and advice on the types of “lone wolves” attacks and examining the best types of targets which “lone wolves” should attack and how they should claim credit for their attacks.

The core ideas of this book are presented in chapter 8, in particular section 4, “The Military Theory of the Global Islamic Resistance Call“, and the subsequent three sections. These sections provide a deep discernment and guidance on replacing the training camp with potential of the internet and focus on how every Muslim youth can prepare himself on his own from unskilled individual to special unit highly trained.

Oh brother, you have no excuse in front of Allah for avoid fighting al-Jihad. How can you enjoy life and comfort while your noble sisters are being raped and their honour is defiled in the prisons of the West’s puppets, how can you enjoy sitting idly while seeing deadly Crusader missiles hitting our women and children in front of your eyes. Don’t you know Allah’s words: “Kill the polytheists wherever you find them and capture them and besiege them and sit in wait for them at every place of ambush“, what will you answer your Lord on the Day of Judgment? If you cannot make Hijra; then take your weapon, learn war methods, get out to your enemy, he is just next door, it is either victory or martyrdom. You are living in a place where you can cause great harm to the enemy, the means of harming them are many, so seek assistance from Allah, and do not be weak and you will find a way.

Remember Shaykh al-Adnani words which deserve to be written in gold, or rather in the deepest room of every true believer’s heart:

Likewise, we renew our call to al-Muwahhideen in Europe and the disbelieving West and everywhere else, to target the Crusaders in their own lands and wherever they are found. We will argue, before Allah, against any Muslim who has the ability to shed a single drop of Crusader blood but does not do so, whether with an explosive device, a bullet, a knife, a car, a rock, or even a boot or a fist. Indeed, you saw what a single Muslim did with Canada and its parliament of shirk, and what our brothers in France, Australia, and Belgium did — may Allah have mercy upon them all and reward them with good on behalf of Islam. And there were many others who killed, ran others over, threatened, frightened, and terrorized people, to the extent that we saw the Crusader armies deployed on  the streets in Australia, Canada, France, Belgium, and other strongholds of the cross to  whom we promise – by Allah’s permission – a continuation of their state of alert, terror, fear, and  loss of security. And what lies ahead will be worse – with Allah’s permission – and more bitter, for you haven’t seen anything from us just yet

So will al-Ummah find those who would rescue her from the traitor rulers and the Crusader criminal West?

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