al-Furqan Media Foundation

1. Formal Statements of Some Leaders of the Islamic State

2. Hell of the Romans and the Apostates in the Land of the Two Rivers

3. Caravans of the Martyrs

4. The Knights of Martyrdom

5. Chanting of the Martyrs

6. Spring into Life

7. Battle of the Captive

8. Clanging of the Swords

9. Those Who Believed and Emigrated and Fought

10. Messages from the Land of Epic Battles

11. Testimony of the Commander Abu Jihad al-Shishani

12. Messages to America and Its Allies

13. Lend Me Your Ears

14. Messages to the Government and People of Japan

15. Uncategorized Videos


1. From the Biographies of the Prominent Martyrs

2. From the Hidden History: al-Zarqawi As I Knew Him

3. Cares and Pains (Poems) by al-Shaykh Abu Hamza al-Muhajir

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