al-Shaykh, Abu Mustafa al-Ansari

al-Shaykh Abu Mustafa al-Ansari, Dr. Fathi al-Ansari, born in Baghdad, and got his degree in veterinary medicine. He stemmed from a prominent and good pedigree family. He started his Jihadi journey after the 2003 invasion of Iraq, where he became prominent in the practice of his military profession and public affairs. He realised the Importance of fighting back against the crusader’s relentless aerial bombardment and immediate focus needed to switch from only ground power to preparing the base to start Manpads. He began planning for a strategic missile launchers force and sought to incorporate strategic Man-Portable Air Defense Systems into a war strategy. He believed that tactic should be used as a step to developing a strategic air defence. This achievement had succeeded in shooting down several Apaches and drones. He got his Shahada in a US drone strike in Baghdad.