al-Shaykh, Abu Hussayn al-Battawi

al-Shaykh Huzayfa al-Battawi, Muhannad Abu Hussayn, was a man in a time in which men were few. Of firm Aqida and Manhaj, he stemmed from a good, Muwahhideen family known for sacrifice and generosity. Huzayfa al-Battawi was a dentist who did not dream of esteem and wealth like many doctors, because he never saw delight and relaxation in other than al-Jihad. He never perceived happiness in anything except in gaining martyrdom.

He started his journey by giving al-Bay’a to al-Shaykh Abu Mus’ab al-Zarqawi, may Allah have mercy on him, and he used to detonate explosive devices against the Crusader patrols – who were magnified in the eyes of the cowards and were insignificant in the sight of this lion – to turn them into severed body fragments mixed with their vehicles’ wreckage.

Thereafter, he moved on to media work because of the brothers’ need for him in this domain. Thus, he performed that which was due upon him in the best manner until the Crusaders arrested him. In prison, he remained utterly steadfast and stayed there some years during which he increased his knowledge and studied al-Qur’an until he ultimately memorized it by heart completely. In Ramadan, at “Camp Bucca” prison in Omm Qasr, he used to lead the brothers in prayer, completing a whole recitation of al-Qur’an, with other brothers behind him who had also memorized al-Qur’an. He mixed more with virtuous brothers, people of goodness, and experience. He used to fast and pray a lot at night, striving to be close to Allah Almighty. He was a close friend for his brothers and source of
steadfastness for them wherever he was.

He then left prison with increased steadfastness, knowledge, and experience. Thereupon he worked as Amir of al-Rasafa region in Baghdad. He ignited war and launched attacks under the leadership of the notable Wali Manaf al-Rawi. Thus, they launched the famous Battles of al-Asir, by which the strongholds of al-Rafida collapsed and al-Rafidi bastions of Shirk and the bases of the polytheists army were demolished. They raided the most heavily guarded places like the Central Bank and the Defense Ministry, the latter being a base for joint operations with the Crusaders. Thus, the ministries and pillars of the Rafidi government collapsed at their blessed hands until the heroic Wali, Shaykh Manaf, fell into captivity. Huzayfa was then assigned leadership of all Baghdad as its Wali (governor). So he ignited it with vehicle bombs, demolishing the fortresses of al-Rafida as well as their Safawi and Crusader masters, in retaliation for the religion of Allah against the filthy polytheists and in revenge for the honour of Ahlu al-Sunnah, which was desecrated at the hands of the most evil creatures to tread on earth. He terrorized the Safawi regime and degraded it, deploying heroic soldiers armed with silencers.

They sent the criminals and leaders of al-Kufr off to Hellfire. He also sought to avenge the honour of the sisters imprisoned by the tyrannical crusader Copts in Egypt, and thus the attack against the “Our Lady of Salvation” Church was executed. al-Rafida then called for help from their Crusader masters who mobilized whatever they could to get hold of this heroic lion. They provided all information about this unique man and his aids, most prominent of them being the brave knight, the military leader of Baghdad, Abu Khawla. Huzayfa al-Battawi used to call him his closest friend due to his strong love for him until they were killed together in the prison.

Shaykh Huzayfah was steadfast like anchored mountains while in al-Rafida’s “Counter-Terrorism” prison. When al-Rafidi enemy of Allah, Nouri al-Maliki, met him and told him that he would soon be executed by hanging, he replied to him that he wasn’t concerned and that life and death were only in Allah’s hands and not in his.

Then he and the brothers with him began coordinating from inside the prison with the brothers outside. They provided them with two pistols, TNT explosives, and detonators. The smuggling method was clever and their surveillance apparatuses and security procedures were unable to uncover it. The agreement was that the attack on the prison would begin from the outside at the very moment of the attack by al-Wali Huzayfa and his brothers inside the prison against the apostates. Thus approached zero hour, but the attack did not occur in the morning as planned because the appointment changed due to the apostate warden coming to them at night to take them out for interrogation. So Huzayfa took care of killing him. Then he went to the director of “Counter-Terrorism”, the enemy of Allah, Mu’ayyid al- Salih. He executed him and retaliated for the Muslims. Likewise, the brother Abu Khawla, military leader of Baghdad, and the rest of his brothers clashed with the apostates and they killed everyone in the prison in which al-Mujahideen were tortured and had experienced that which only Allah knows of.

They rode the apostates’ car from the prison building and arrived at the Interior Ministry’s gateway. They then clashed with the apostates. The Crusaders stepped in, striking them with Apache helicopters. However, the brothers persisted with their combat until they were all killed while facing the enemy not retreating. They were ten from the best of knights, led by our knight, al-Wali Huzayfa al-Battawi.

He, may Allah have mercy on him, was eager to achieve al-Shahada, so he got what he was yearning for, not dying until he made the apostates cry, debilitated them with wounds, and made them taste death and sadness that kindled in them the pain of defeat and failure. He was already married for some time before his killing, and at the time of his arrest, he was bestowed with a child. He was killed and never met his son. The worldly life, its pleasures, and adornments did not succeed in tempting him even for a single day, may Allah generously bestow upon him as well as his brothers the reward and high rank in al-Jannah. Ameen.