al-Shaykh, Abu Khattab al-Ansari

al-Shaykh Abu Khattab al-Ansari, Omar Hussayn Hadid born in al-Fallujah in 1971, he was the Wali (governor) of al-Fallujah and the leader of the First Battle of al-Fallujah where he inflicted a severe defeat on the Americans, he was known by his personal bravery on the frontlines.

He formed a group for commanding good and prohibiting evil along with his friend, Abu al-Harith, Muhammad al-Issawi (Muhammad al-Shishani), the group met with great success in al-Fallujah and the surrounding villages before reaching to al-Karma city and al-Ramadi, where one of group’s member was arrested by the Baath regime in spring of 1999.

By then, Shaykh Omar Hadid was pursuing by the Baath regime, and was trapped along with his friend al-Issawi in a house but they eventually broke through against the surrounded troops where they relocated to Mosul, where they can start working from outside. After the US invasion of Iraq, he returned to al-Fallujah calling for al-Jihad, establishing al-Shari’a and insisting it is the duty of every Muslim to take up arms against the infidel invaders, then he moved to Rawa where he was among the establishers of Rawa camp.

He and al-Shaykh Abdullah al-Janabi, a local imam and member of an important local clan, brought together in a partnership religious fervour and hatred of Americans that played a major role in transforming al-Fallujah from a sleepy Euphrates River backwater into a potent symbolsymbol of steadfastness. He divided the force into three task groups. One, responsible for planting landmines and other explosive devices against American targets, sending part to attack the ground convoy along the city, and part ready to clash with the enemy at a moment’s notice to control territory.

When the Second Battle of al-Fallujah was launched at the last ten days of Ramaadan, he injured in his left shoulder and taken to al-Fallujah General Hospital at the middle of the city and remained there for observation and receiving care. But when al-Mujahideen retreated from the northern portion of the city, he refused to stay in the hospital, and insisted on joining the ranks of al-Mujahideen, where he became a symbol for patience, sacrifice and steadfastness. He also refused to leave the city as he would have been perfectly justified to do; he, instead continued to perform his duties until he got his Shahada second day of Eidul Fitr in al-Jolan District of al-Fallujah on December 24, 2004.May Allah accept him and grant him al-Firdaws al-A’la. Ameen.

Shaykh Abu Mus’ab al-Zarqawi, issued a statement eulogising Shaykh Omar Hadid describing him as “his trusted lieutenant”. His biography was published by al-Mujahedeen Shura Council in February 2006. A Jihadi group active in Gaza named its brigade after him, “Shaykh Omar Hadid Brigade“, which is deemed a direct affiliate of wilayat Sinai.