al-Shaykh Abu Abdullah, Muharib al-Jubouri

al-Shaykh Abu Abdullah, Muharib al-Jubouri, the spokesman of the Islamic State of Iraq, was born in 1971, in al-Dulou’iya, Salahuddine. However his father died when he was young, he used to go to the village’s mosques frequently and was strongly against any manifestations of Polytheism in the society. Being an excellent student at school, he got accepted in 1988 at Saddam’s law faculty, currently known as the faculty of Law, Nahrayn University. In there he was a very well-known preacher for his good manners, his knowledge and his effect on other people. Despite the oppression and ascendancy of the Baathist regime, he established a mosque in the faculty for preaching and teaching. Although Baathist regime tried to prevent him from getting accepted into the University of Babylon, he completed his Masters in Law in 2003 then he earned his PhD degree at the same university in 2005.

However he was threatened and hunted down by Baathist regime many many times, he used to move around Bagdad calling people to Allah until he got imprisoned once where he tortured on the hands of al-Rafida. When he got out he continued to instruct and guide people upon Manhaj al-Salaf until Baghdad got invaded by the Crusaders.

He started then gathering weapons and gear and formed Saraya al-Jihad al-Islami (Brigades of the Islamic Jihad) then Saraya al-Ghurabaa (Brigades of Strangers). He moved around Iraq encouraging Muslims to engage in al-Jihad for the sake of Allah. In the beginning he did not pledge allegiance to any specific group or faction and used to say that he was a servant to al-Jihad and al-Mujahideen from all factions. He contributed in forming Shura al-Mujahideen Council and Saraya al-Ghurabaa was one of the factions that pledged allegiance to the Council. When the Islamic State was formed, he was selected to be the spokesman for the Islamic State of Iraq and stayed in that position until he got his Shahada on Monday, April 30, 2007, in the north of Baghdad.


The Collapse of al-Maliki and Bush’s Plan
March 12, 2007

A 08:33-minute video of the speech of the formal spokesman of the Islamic state of Iraq, al-Shaykh Muharib al-Jubouri.

Watch | Download | English Transcription


1. O Baghdad, Be Patient, War is a Competition
December 17, 2006

A 11:31-minute video of the official spokesman of the Islamic State of Iraq, al-Shaykh Muharib al-Jubouri, focusing on the wounds inflicted upon Ahlu al-Sunnah.

Watch | Download


2. Greeting Muslims for the Eidul Adha
December 30, 2006

A 07:19-minute audio speech from the official spokesman of the Islamic State of Iraq, al-Shaykh Muharib al-Jubouri greeting the Muslim Ummah for the occasion of Eidul Adha.

Play | Download

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