al-Shaykh, Abu Muhannad al-Suwaydawi

al-Shaykh Abu Muhannad al-Suwaydawi, known also as Abu Ayman al-Iraqi, was among the leaders of the Islamic State and one of its pillars. He was a highly experienced military man. He was appointed to administer some of the important centers in the Islamic State; he was the Wali (governor) of Wilayat al-Anbar towards the end of his life and was the fuel of its battles. al-Shaykh was among the closest people to al-Shaykh Abu Mus’ab al-Zarqawi and Abu Abdulrahman al-Bilawi. He and al-Shaykh Abdulrahman al-Bilawi were friends both in childhood and al-Jihad.

He was determined in his matters never compromising on the religion of Allah, harsh against the enemies of Allah. Humbleness and kindness is what you saw in him; he used to be soft with his soldiers and was held in high esteem among them. He liked al-Muhajireen so much and was patient with their shortcomings. al-Shaykh witnessed the First and Second Battles of al-Fallujah where he was very brave and an ideal leader. He would advance with his soldiers during the battles and would inspire them and strengthening their determination. He planed the epic battles in al-Anbar and participated in them. He also planned the Abu Ghrieb prison break and Allah opened it through his hands. Mere words are insufficient to describe the status of such men.

He got martyred by a Crusader airstrike after many years of combating the enemies of Allah. May Allah have mercy on him. Ameen.