Praise for the Islamic State

Here is what Ulama and leaders of al-Jihad are saying about the Islamic State.

1. Shaykh al-Mujahid Osama bin Laden

I ask those who slipped to fear Allah in their selves and their Ummah, and not to throw away these pure bloods spilled to rise the religion and to empower the Muslims’ State, and I ask them to return to the truth, returning to the truth is better than persisting on in al-Batil (falseness).

In summary: The brothers Mujahideen, especially those in the Shura councils shouldn’t submit to the excuses of the groups leaders to delay the unity and gathering, they may have real excuses but they shouldn’t be an obstacle facing the unity, so the reasonable men know well that they should not hold fast on something which is secondary and let down what is origin and necessary, because insisting on the secondary things will lead to the loss of everything.

Here we must mention the antecedents who had kind acts in unity and gathering, so it delighted the Muslims the rivalry of some leaders of the fighting groups for the sake of Allah with some Jihadist stationed tribes leaders to gather under the monotheism word, so they pledged allegiance to the noble Shaykh Abu Omar al-Baghdadi as Amir al-Mu’mineen on the Islamic State of Iraq. The relinquishment of the leadership from those leaders, in order to hold fast to Allah rope together is a proof of their truthfulness, justice, impartiality of their selves from desires and their care of the Muslims interest, may Allah reward them, their gathering is an important, great and blessed step towards the unification of the rest of efforts in forming the biggest Muslims’ group (al-Kilafa).

Muslims heard that some Emirs (leaders) and savants from some Jihadist groups were disturbed because they didn’t attend the meeting, and if they are not disturbed, so it is the right because of the security conditions which make difficult the connection between the brothers, take note that your brothers mentioned that they corresponded with you and waited for you for approximately two months to approve the matter in your presence and your coming may be was difficult. Some of the best companions were disturbed when the decision was taken on Saqifat Bani Sa’ida day without consulting them, on the other hand Abu Baker, Omar, Abu Obayda and the others, may Allah be pleased with them all, didn’t act like this because they wanted to monopolize the matter or despotism, but there were conditions and events which are not hidden that pushed them to hurry in taking the decision before consulting the other concerned because of fearing Fitna and disunity, then those who were disturbed hurried to pledge allegiance to Abu Baker after a period of time and the allegiance was not revoked, so reflect on carefully.

And the aim, which is also a religious request from the Muslims, is to hold fast to Allah’s rope, and to gather together under the Emirate of one Emir to establish and support the religion. And it is known that this matter should be fast to be done for it is from the major demands in Islam,

Allah Almighty says: “And hold fast, all of you together, to the Rope of Allah (i.e. this Qur’an), and be not divided among yourselves (103)” Surat Al-i-Imran

This, then I say: Those who had been angry because they were not consulted in the establishment of the Islamic State, if they truly wish and seek for unity of the Muslims’ word, then nothing wrong when they become angry. However if they claim that the time is unsuitable, and delay the application of Allah’s rule due to that, all over these years, those then are not justified to be angry, and they shouldn’t be waited for to cause not disablement of the religion matters, it is because people rose up and lived out of the shade of the Islamic State, their sensation had been dull and they could not feel big harm in the delay of its establishment. Hence the brothers should be advised to leave this, and despite the importance of the Shura (consultation) in the Emirate (choosing an emir), and the narrations and texts are clear in that matter, and it is well known the saying of Omar ibn al-Khattab, may Allah be pleased with him, regarding this. However, appointing an emir comes prior to the unity of opinion, if this unity could not be reached currently from those meant by it, as if there had been the same circumstances like in “al-Saqifa” treaty, and if the emirate is not to be held in these circumstances except after the consultation of all the concerned persons, Omar (ibn al-Khattab) wouldn’t pledge allegiance to Abu Bakr (al-Siddiq) except after this consultation, and Abu Bakr wouldn’t accept his homage, and most of the companions wouldn’t pledge him allegiance , may Allah be pleased with them all.

And if the full empowerment is a precondition to the establishment of an Islamic State nowadays, then the Islamic State would never be established, because it is well known the military superiority of the enemies, and that they can invade any country, and overthrow its government, and this is what we have seen in Afghanistan and the Ba’athist government of Iraq. For the collapse of a state is not the end, and it doesn’t mean fall of the Muslim group and their Imam. However fighting the infidels must continue, like it is the case in Afghanistan , Iraq and Somalia. And him who ponders on how it was the first Islam’s State in al-Medina on the battle of “Uhud” and “al-Ahzab”, when the hearts reached to the throats and the gathered parties besieged the al-Medina the first capital of the first Islam State, and whoever saw how the Muslims were when all the Arabic peninsula apostatized, except few tribes, after the death of the Prophet, ﷺ, he would know that the full empowerment is not a condition for establishment of an Islamic State or pledging allegiance to an imam. It can not be said to him who had been recognized as an emir (leader) for an Islamic State and was pledged allegiance to, it can’t be said to him we don’t obey you or listen to you because your government is weak and the enemy can overthrow it !!

How similar is tonight to last night, the Riyad government is still playing its same malicious role with many of the Islamic and Mujahideen leaders in our Ummah, Allah (Alone) is Sufficient for us on them.

And him who watches the campaigns of the international and the local infidelity can see that they target primarily the Islamic State of Iraq.

On top of all this, it comes, the media campaigns to defame and slander the Islamic State of Iraq, leaded by the Riyad governors, their scholars and their media, and I don’t see a cause of all these fierce campaigns against al-Mujandeen in the Islamic State of Iraq except that they are the most adherent to the right, and the most compliant to the Sunnah of the Prophet, ﷺ, who was told by Waraqa ibn Nawfal: “No one came up with alike what you came up with (i.e. divine revelation) except he had been antagonized”.

For the Emir, Abu Omar (al-Baghdadi), and his brothers are not bargaining on the expense of their religion, don’t accept the half solutions and don’t meet the enemies in the middle of the road. Instead they declare what is right and what will please the Creator even if this displeases the creation, they don’t fear a blame of a blamer regarding Allah’s commands, and they refuse to flatter or make peace with any of the Islamic world’s governments without exception, they are who refused to get help from the infidels because they deeply believe that the religion is Allah’s and He will render His religion victorious. It is impossible for the religion to be victorious by taking the polytheist governors, Tawaghits governors, as helpers, friends or supporters, making this Hadith of the Prophet, ﷺ, their way of Jihad, when he said:

O boy, I will teach you some words. Keep Allah in your heart He will protect you and aid you. If you ask for something ask only Allah. If you need help seek it from Allah and know that if the whole nation is gathered to be useful for you it will not benefit you except by what Allah destined for you. And if it (nation) is gathered to harm you, it will not do so except by what Allah destined for you”.

And if the leaders of the Islamic State of Iraq put their hands with any of the neighborhood countries to support and help them, as some groups and parties did, the current situation will be different than now completely, for the budgets of those groups and parties are of dozens but hundreds of millions, however al-Mujahedeen properties are nothing but what they gain as booties in the battles and this is verily the good livelihood. Those (parties and groups) who put their hands with these countries actually lost their decision and independence because of the financial support of these countries to them, because once America and its allies exert any pressure on these countries, this pressure directly is transmitted to the leader of the party or the emir of the group. However, the independent pride Muslims like Emir, Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, and his brothers, prefer the death to stop Jihad or to put it on the hands of any ruler, or to be with him against their Ummah.

From The Way to Foil Conspiracies“ on Iraq and the Islamic State, an audio statement by Shaykh Osama Bin Laden, issued by as-Sahab Media – December 29, 2007.


2. Shaykh Ayman al-Zawahiri

Allah honoured the State of Iraq to be first in a number of spheres, and its banner is one of the cleanest banners in Iraq, and has not been polluted by what others have been polluted by, and it is the primary power facing the Americans as recognized by everyone, including the Americans, and this is why supporting it, is a trust on the shoulders of the Muslim Ummah and the Muslims. Therefore, I call on all my Muslim brothers everywhere to read carefully the communiques and Manhaj of the Jihadi groups and to advise these should they notice groups any detection in their Manhaj or any differences between their basic Manhaj and the statements of their officials, there must be awareness in the Muslim Ummah in order to protect the march of its al-Mujahideen and contribute to the unification of al-Mujahideen in bringing them together in Manhaj of al-Tawheed.

Yes. And there I must point out that the Islamic State of Iraq is one of the movements with a pristine methodology and clear vision, which at an early stage declared its observance of legal constants in fighting and politics, and stated the bitter truth which others fear to speak.

And as I and my brothers call out here to all the noble, honorable Mujahideen in Mesopotamia (Land of the Two Rivers), I call out with special emphasis to the beloved and honourable ones in the groups with pure and pristine methodologies, foremost among them our noble brothers and racers to goodness in the Ansar al-Sunnah Group and their patient, garrison, brother, Emir, al-Shaykh al-Mujahid, Abu Abdallah Al-Sha’fi, may Allah preserve him as ammunition for Islam, and the rest of his brothers, the lions of Islam in Iraq, to tell them: al-Mujahideen everywhere await with baited breath the unification between you and the Islamic State of Iraq for you to give victory to the genuine, pristine Manhaj al-Jihad which seeks to liberate all lands of Islam and set up al-Khilafa following the Manhaj of Prophet-hood. And I tell them: The Islamic State of Iraq is your state, your emirate, and your government, and with whom will you unite if you don’t unite with them? So strive for the goodness with them, and gladden the believers’ hearts with the good news for which they have awaited so long.

First, I would like to clarify that there isn’t anything today in Iraq named “al-Qaeda”, instead, Qaedaul Jihad Organization in Mesopotamia has merged, by the grace of Allah, with other Jihadi groups in the Islamic State of Iraq, may Allah protect it, which is a legitimate emirate based on a proper legal Manhaj and which was founded through Shura and received the pledge of allegiance of most of al-Mujahideen and tribes in Iraq. This is one thing.

From “A Review oF Events”, the fourth as-Sahab interview with Dr. Ayman Al-Zawahiri – December 16, 2007.

I also congratulate the Muslims in Iraq, who have lifted the head of the Muslim Ummah highwith their heroic Jihadi confrontation with the Crusader invaders and their allies, the traitorous religion-traders. And I send my congratulations to the Emir of the Islamic State of Iraq, al-Shaykh al-Mujahid, Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, and all groups of the champion Mujahideen engaged in Jihad in defense of Iraq al-Khilafa. And I call them to unite and be as one in accordance with the command of Allah, the Most High and Glorious, and His Messenger, ﷺ.

From “Congratulation on the Eid to the Ummah of Tawheed” , as-Sahab media Zul-Hijja 1427 AH – December, 2006.

The Islamic State of Iraq and its Mujahideen brothers will not have a decision until the borders between them and Bayt al-Maqdis are broken, and they will flee to its corners to bond with their brothers there in Jihad against the Jewish Zionists, and rescue al-Masjid al-Aqsa, Allah-willing.

I also plea to the Muslim Ummah to support the Mujahideen in Iraq and specially the Islamic State of Iraq, as this is the shortest way to change the bitter present in the heart of the Islamic World, and heading towards Bayt al-Maqdis and breaking the boundaries, borders that corrupt tyrants had placed between us and our brothers everywhere.

And so, today after six years from the Crusader invasion of Iraq, I firstly direct thanks to Our Master and Protector, raised and glorified on what he provided of solidity and steadfastness to his Mujahideen servants in Iraq. Then, secondly I direct congratulations, support, and thanks to Islam’s lions in Iraq, each one by one, and to the dear Jihadi Islamic State of Iraq and its hero Emir, Abu Omar al-Baghdadi al-Hussayni al-Hashimi al-Qarshi, and to the lion of Islam, Abu Hamza al-Muhajir, and their brave brothers.

And, to my brothers and beloved ones in Ansar al-Islam group, headed by the kind shaykh Abu Abdullah al-Shafi’i and his noble brothers; and to the rest of the honourable groups fighting Jihad in Iraq, I tell you may Allah reward you the best of goodness on behalf of Islam and Muslims in this era, and I ask Allah to accept your sacrifices and reward you the best of goodness, and to group us soon; victorious, liberators in Bayt al-Maqdis, and Baghdad, Riyad, Cairo, Kabul, and the rest of Islamic lands. I pray that Allah, Our Master, completes His favor, generosity and victory for both of us until we bring back al-Khilafa State, proud and towering, even if the disbelievers despise this,

“… and that day the believers will rejoice (4) In the victory of Allah . He gives victory to whom He wills, and He is the Exalted in Might, the Merciful (5)” Surat al-Roum

And, may Allah reward you once again on your steadfastness, the purity of your approach, and the clarity of your Aqida. So, why do you bargain on it, like many others bargained, and of them who claimed to belong to Jihad and tawheed. Steadfastness, then steadfastness O servants of Allah as victory is an hour of patience. My brothers, lions of Islam in Iraq: today you are the hope of the Ummah to reach Bayt al-Maqdis and free Palestine, so be solid and patient as you are in a great frontline of Islam, Allah says,

If you should be suffering – so are they suffering as you are suffering, but you expect from Allah that which they expect not. And Allah is ever Knowing and Wise (104)“ Surat Al-i-Imran

People of Jihad and Tawheed in Iraq, you must unite your words around the word of Tawheed. It is your road to victory and control. Continue with that with as much as you can and Allah will grace, guide and take care of you.

And today, Allah allowed for us this rare opportunity that, in the beloved Iraq, Jihad has risen free of governments and regime chains, and a unified and mighty Jihad-waging Islamic State has been established. It destroyed the American crusader plan in the heart of the Islamic World, and is burning to head towards al-Masjid al-Aqsa and Palestine. So, let us support this blessed jihad in Iraq al-Khilafa, and let us support this patient young State and to not back away from this obligation and that responsibility as Allah will bring down on us His punishment and discontent.

From “Six Years Since the Invasion of Iraq” , released by as-Sahab and The Global Islamic Media Front – April 19, 2009.

These were some reflections on the Iraqi scene, which I dedicate to my brothers al-Mujahideen in hopes that they will open their hearts to them, and find in them what will benefit them. I ask Allah to grant victory to al-Mujahideen in Iraq and unite them, and to steady the pillars of the Jihadi fledgling State of Iraq, and guide its steps and direct its march; and to guide it to aid Islam and Muslims, unite al-Mujahideen and erect the victorious banner of al-Khilafa in Bayt al-Maqsid soon, Allah willing. And I invite all Muslims in all lands of Islam in general and in Iraq in particular to support this blessed Jihadi fledgling  garrisoning State with funds, manpower, opinion, information and expertise, and not to hold back from it any advice or instruction if they see in it any signs of diversion from the proper Manhaj. And may Allah guide all Mujahideen to unity and harmony, and complete His bounty and favoring of them, with a noble (strong) conquest (victory) and near, and manifest victory, with His permission and mercy. May He accept their righteous deeds and reward them in the best way, in this world and the next.

The first of the arenas which I want to talk about is the arena of Iraq, where the Mujahideen of Islam in Iraq al-Khilafa, where Jihad is advancing with steady steps towards victory and establishment, with Allah’s help and power. I believe it is incumbent on my beloved brothers in Iraq to take note of a number of things, I don’t think they are unaware of these things – in fact, they may appreciate them better than me – but I hope that they will open their hearts to my words and accept the advice of a caring and concerned brother. The first thing which our beloved brothers in Iraq must realise is the critical nature of unity, and that it is the gateway to victory and a matter which is not open to delaying or procrastination, and that they must come together one and all and study in depth and with devotion how to achieve it. As the martyr, as we see him, Abu Mus’ab al-Zarqawi, may Allah have mercy on him, was aforerunner in this field. He announced his joining of the Qaedatul Jihad group, and his pledge of allegiance to Shaykh Osama bin Ladin, may Allah protect him, was a huge stab and decisiveblow to the Zionist-Crusader project targeting our Ummah and our sanctities. He resurrected in the Muslim Ummah the spirit of unity, solidarity and aid. Then he and his brothers al-Mujahideen, may Allah bless their efforts, went ahead and formed the Mujahideen Shura Council, which was a big leap on the road of Jihadi action in Iraq. Then, when Allah honoured him with martyrdom, as we see it, he was succeeded by his companion on the path of Jihad and Tawheed, Abu Hamza al-Muhajir, may Allah protect him, who strove with his honourable, sincere brothers, as we see them, to establish the Islamic State of Iraq, and it was good news for the Muslims, as they moved one step closer to the outskirts of Bayt al-Maqdis and the establishment of al-Khilafa, with Allah’s permission.

The creation of governments by resistance and struggler movements isn’t something out of the ordinary historically. They have even created governments in exile, so about if al-Mujahideen were to acquire strength, power and control over large parts of occupied Islamic land? In the recent past to which we were contemporary, the government of al-Mujahideen was setup in Peshawar, outside Afghanistan, and everyone hailed it and blessed and congratulated it, and no one objected. And many of those who today object to the Islamic State of Iraq, because it is not empowered, or so they claim, were among those who applauded, congratulated and hailed the government of al-Mujahideen in Peshawar, and moreover, the Saudi regime, which is hostile to the Islamic State of Iraq, opened the Ka’aba to its members to swear to observe unity inside it, but the promise making inside the Ka’aba was of no helping preventing the breaking of the promise after leaving it.

And today, the Islamic State of Iraq is set up inside Iraq, al-Mujahideen celebrate it in the streets of Iraq, the people demonstrate in the support of it in the cities and villages of Iraq, and backing of it and pledges of allegiance to it are declared in the mosques of Baghdad, and yet they don’t recognize it, because it, as the claim, lacks the necessary qualifications. All this because the wind at that time was blowing from Washington, whereas today, the wind, by the grace of Allah, is blowing against Washington, and thus the fatwa changed when the wind and desires changed.

The Devil, the world, myself and my desires. How can I be delivered when all of them are my enemies?

And speaking of exploiting the name of Makka. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, whose father fought the Ottoman State and worked for its fragmentation on behalf of the English, has today brought together the leadership of Fatah and Hamas, to agree to surrender four-fifths of Palestine to the Jews in Makka. And Abdullah bin Hussayn, whose grandfather declared a rebellion against the Ottoman State from Makka in the first war on behalf of the English, is today bringing together parties and weaving conspiracies and plots against the Islamic State of Iraq from Amman on behalf of the Americans. And we hear today, from those who used to encourage the youth to go to Afghanistan, those who issue fatwas which state that the Jihad in Iraq is not obligatory and forbid the youth from going to Iraq, although the commanders of al-Mujahideen are urging them day and night to hurry to Afghanistan and Iraq.

Coming back to the subject of Iraq. I say: what is called the government of Hamas in Gaza and Ramallah has been set up, yet we haven’t heard criticism of it from those who criticize the Islamic State of Iraq, nor has anyone accused it of being an unempowered government lacking the necessary qualifications, although half the government in Gaza only connects with its other half in Ramallah through television circuits, and the leader of government can only enter and exit, and indeed, can only move between its two parts after the Israeli army permits and searches him. And many of the representatives and ministers have been arrested by Israel, yet we have not heard the critics criticize it as being a government lacking qualifications. Then Hamas, which claims that it follows the democratic way and represents the majority of voters, was forced under pressure from the democracy sponsoring nations to relinquish a third of the seats of government and agree to give up four-fifths of Palestine and surrender to Mahmoud Abbas the right to negotiate in the name of the Palestinians, and yet we haven’t heard the critics say that it is lacking qualification.

Meanwhile, the Islamic State of Iraq is, by the grace of Allah, much larger and the number of its soldiers and supporters many times more than what is called the government of Hamas, and its leaders move without permission from anyone, and moreover, they threaten America, and America admits their severe danger. They invite their Palestinian brothers, who banished to the desert between Iraq and Jordan victims of the militias serving the Cross, to live in the villages and cities of the Islamic State, and they declare their defense of all causes of the Muslims from Groznyy to Ceuta and Melilla, and they promise to strive for the freeing of theMuslims captives, foremost among them the star of Da’awa and Jihad Shaykh, Omar Abdulrahman, may Allah free him, and even carry out attacks on the Americans in his name, but despite all that, they consider it to be lacking in qualifications.

And in comparison, the leadership of Hamas disowns its Mujahideen brothers and the matter reaches a stage where one of its leaders declares in Moscow that the Chechnya is an internal Russian affair. And Hamas kills Fath members on a daily basis, and Fath kills Hamas members, and Hamas announcing that, and doesn’t apologize for it, and offers its justifications for what it is doing, and the Arab governments rush to intermediate between it and Fatah and call on them to unite in the best way, whereas the Islamic State of Iraq announces that it only kills spies and traitors, and declares its innocence of any inviolable blood which one of its soldiers might spill, and not just that, but its Emir announces his readiness to appear before a judicial council in any complaint and that he is prepared to have the right taken from him personally if the legal ruling is issued against him. Yet despite that, a storm of media campaigns, allegations and claims is whipped up in their face, exactly opposite of what is said to Hamas.

Why all this inconsistency? Because the dragging of Hamas to the game of political concessions is a Zionist-Crusader decree being implemented by the Arab governments, whereas the establishment of the Islamic State of Iraq is an Islamic Jihadi decree being fought by the Zionist-Crusade and therefore by the Arab governments. And if the cause is known, the amazement ends.

The brothers’ reason for declaring the State (Islamic State of Iraq), and we think it was rational, was that they wanted to save Iraq from the fate which the Afghan Jihad met after the fall of Kabul. And by the grace of Allah, a large number of the noble Mujahideen in blessed Land of the Two Rivers (Mesopotamia), joined it, but some of their brothers among the people of merit, precedence and sacrifice believed that the time had not yet come for this step. We think well of all, we pray for their success and guidance, and we are loyal to them with the love of faith and ties of Islam, and we ask Allah to unite them, raise their banner, strengthen their power, and join their hearts and grant them victory over His enemy and theirs. And I think that these are the emotions of all Mujahideen in Iraq, and indeed, in all lands of Islam,towards each other even if their opinions and judgments differ. But the thing which I want to emphasize is that we must strengthen one another, and guide one another, and advise and instruct our brothers, even if we differ with them, and that we must study how to take the upright middle path (close gaps between us), in order to make use of and benefit from every achievement achieved by out Mujahideen brothers and develop and support it with brotherly affinity, faith-based love, Aqida brotherhood and Jihadi companionship, even if we see in it shortcomingsor something less than perfection.

Thus, I believe that the brothers who didn’t agree with the decision of their brothers in the Islamic State of Iraq must keep in touch with them and study how to mend what they deem to be flaws in the actions and plans of their brothers. And similarly, the brothers in the Islamic State of Iraq must open their hearts to their brothers and listen to them and take what they throw them seriously, and at the same time, they must sincerely advise their brothers about the mistakes or shortcomings they see in them. And before I move on from talking about unity, I would like to talk to my brothers about the huge blessings which we witnessed after every step towards unity, starting from the pledge of allegiance to Amir al-Mu’mineen, Mullah Muhammad Omar, may Allah protect him, to the international Islamic Front for Jihad against the Jews and Crusaders, to the group Qaedatul Jihad. In every step towards unity, we saw the aid of Allah, guidance and blessings in our work and protection from the evils of the enemies. And I believe that these blessed steps were the introduction to the Mujahideen’s victories, from the smashing of the two dens of American espionage in Nairobi and Dar al-Salam, to the destruction of the destroyer Cole, to the greatest conquest in the raids on New York and Washington by the grace of Allah and his bounty, to these conquests with which Allah has favored the Mujahideenin Afghanistan and Iraq, and not only there, but all over the world from Indonesia to Spain without any power or strength from them, conquests which have forced the enemies of Islam to admit the strength of the Mujahideen.

From “Advice of One Concerned” , issued by as-Sahab – July 6, 2007.


3. Shaykh Anwar al-Awlaki

A recent event is the announcement of the establishment of an Islamic State in Iraq, in Baghdad, the capital of the longest serving Islamic Khilafa (Caliphate), of the descendants of al-Abbas, the uncle of the Prophet, ﷺ. We know that Baghdad was established by the Abbasids, the Abbasid Khilafa, and they made Baghdad their capitol, and it served as the capitol for few centuries, a period of enlightenment and civilization in the Muslim world. Baghdad at that time was the greatest city in the World. So the announcement of the establishment of an Islamic State in Iraq, in Baghdad, the capital, of the Abbasid Khilafa, with the current head of that state being a descendant, of Hussayn ibn Ali (refers to descendant of the Prophet, ﷺ) carries a lot of importance.

It is a matter, which has either passed the West or they are intentionally trying to ignore it.

Now whether this State survives to expand into the next Muslim Khilafa or is destroyed by the immense conspiracy against the rise of any Islamic State, I believe this to be a monumental event. Now we are not going to hang our hopes on anyone or anything, that’s not the way of Muslims. Because Muslims, generation after generation, they come and go. I mean that the fate of Islam didn’t even depend on the life of the Prophet, ﷺ, when the Prophet, ﷺ, passed away Abu Bakr al-Siddiq, may Allah be pleased with him, told the Muslims:

So if he (Muhammad, ) was to die or be killed, would you turn back and leave your religion?“ (Surat Al-i-Imran, from 144)

So now when I am talking about this Islamic State I am saying that we don’t know about its future, it could expand or it could be crushed. However, the declaration of it in itself, is an important event. And many Muslims unfortunately are not aware, of the importance of this event, whether it succeeds or not, it represents a move of the idea, from the theoretical realm to the real world. The idea of establishing the Islamic rule and establishing al-Khilafa on earth, now is not any more a talk, it is action! And it is a reflection of the fact that this time, al-Mujahideen are not going to do the work and fight the fight only to let someone else bear the fruit of their effort. But that their intention is not only to drive out the invaders from their lands just to have a hypocrite filled in his place, but they posses, a project of an Islamic State followed by the return of the system of al-Khilafa!

Brothers and sisters, we are inching forward to the final stage of the hadith of Prophet Muhammad, : ”Finally it will be Khilafa upon the path of Prophethood”, (Narrated by Nu’man ibn Bashir, Musnad Ahmad).

Now the Americans have been mum about this Islamic State in Iraq. They have studied the concept of al-Khilafa, and they realise the vitality of it, and they realise the danger it poses to them and to their imperial agenda. So if the majority of Muslims today are deep asleep with their eyes shut and their ears stuffed why turn their attention to it! Thus they are trying their best to keep the news of it shut, even though they are the with firsthand knowledge of it, due to the US military being in direct contact with the forces of the State. In fact they are going as far as claiming as the Head of this State as a fictitious figure. Now the Islamic State in Iraq is stating that they are fighting a combined force of a one million strong nevertheless they are still holding firm.

This idea of al-Khilafa is picking up steam in the West because now they see the danger of it; they see that the Muslims are going towards that goal of establishing the Islamic State again so we find out that there is newfound interest in it. For some time they forgot about that idea or they kept it on the backburner but suddenly they are all talking about it. For example, Bush he said in October, 2005, ”The militants believe that controlling one country will rally the Muslim masses enabling them to overthrow all moderate governments in the region and establish a radical Islamic Empire that spans from Spain to Indonesia”. He even mentions Spain cause he knows about al-Andalus (Islamic Spain).

Yes, we should stand up and declare the truth and fight for the truth, but we should also be confident that no matter what the enemies of Allah do, victory is on the side of the Muslims. Because in al-Hadith al-Qudsi, Allah Almighty says: “Whoever takes, my Awliyaa (my friends) as enemies, then I will wage war against them”, (Bukhari, Book 8, Volume 76, Hadith 509). America has taken the Awliyaa of Allah as enemies; therefore they will be fighting Allah Almighty. And the result and outcome is known!

But how are we to counter that? Yes, the religion of Allah will be victorious but we want to have a part in that, we want to share in reward! We don’t want to be sitting on the sidelines and watching as spectators!

If the US is openly stating unashamed that it is bent on distorting Islam then it is our duty to step up our efforts in defending our religion from this distortion. We should, brothers and sisters, present the Islamic point of view on the contested issues, we should speak clearly and loudly about our view concerning the Islamic State, our view concerning the dominance and the rule of Allah Almighty over the Land, our view concerning al-Khilafa. We should speak out our view concerning democracy, and how it is classified in Islam, as an un-Islamic system! We should speak about the Islamic alternative of al-Shura, and what it represents. We should talk about our view concerning al-Hudoud (the criminal law) in Islam we should speak about issues such as polygamy, such as women’s rights such as human rights, where do we stand, regarding these issues, what is our positions? We should speak unapologetically and honestly about these issues and make it clear for the Muslim masses lest they are deceived by this agenda of the West.

From Battle of The Hearts and Minds” delivered on Sunday May 11, 2008.

Note: This lecture was delivered to a South African audience via live phone link and was part of a Conference held by PureIslam Da’wa and Publications themed: Holding on to Hot Coals – Surviving as a Muslim in the West. An important topic that is going unnoticed by the majority of people around the world. With the advancement of communications in the world, the enemies are not only plotting away with their weapons but also with their lies portrayed in the media spreading all sorts of lies to justify the slaughter of innocent human beings.


4. Shaykh Abu Yahya al-Libi

Interviewer: You indicated previously that it is obligatory on the Muslims in general and al-Mujahideen in particular to bringinto being a place or state which will be their primary base for spreading the religion of Islam all over the world. And as you know, al-Mujahideen in Iraq have announced the setting up of the Islamic State of Iraq.
So what is your perspective on this step taken by our brothers there?

al-Shaykh:  The fact is, I consider the venturing of our brothers, al-Mujahideen in Iraq, to declare the setting up of the Islamic State to be pure divinely granted and to be part of the guidance which Allah has guaranteed for His Mujahideen worshippers in His statement,

And as for those who strive [and fight] for us, We will surely guide them to Our ways (69)“ Surat al-Ankabout

In fact, I have no doubt that it is from Allah’s defense of the believers who help His religion and Book, as He, the Glorious and Great, says,

Verily, Allah defends those who believe. Verily, Allah does not love every unfaithful, ungrateful one (38)” Surat al-Hajj

So the Jihad in Iraq before the declaration of the State was moving toward a dangerous, deadly slide, but stealthily and secretly. What revealed this slide and uncovered that lethal abyss was the announcement of the setting up of the State.

And as a result, the enemy occupier fell into an unenviable dilemma, as this step upset all his calculations and shuffled all his cards, because the plan which the enemy was going on before the declaration of the State was the creation of a puppet government of Ahlu al-Sunnah which would be somewhat acceptable and recognized by the neighboring weevil states, especially the stats of Al Saud and Jordan, both of which played the largest part in this conspiracy and began to blow the trumpet of defending Ahlu al-Sunnah in Iraq and pretended to be concerned for their lives, and the media began to enlarge this issue and produce it in various forms.

And we don’t mean that our brothers, the people of Ahlu al-Sunnah in Iraq, weren’t, and aren’t, suffering the ugliest forms of both Rejectionist and Crusader criminality. No, what I mean is that the constant droning about this issue by states audacious in their hypocrisy and criminality was part of a major conspiracy being hatched against the Jihad and Mujahideen in Iraq.

After the torture and killing of the people of Ahlu al-Sunnah had reached its utmost degree and everyone in Iraq and outside it had been convinced that they had reached the pinnacle of suffering, a political drama would be fabricated for them to produce a government with a Sunni majority, and the states of the region would rush to support and strengthen it and polish its picture, for it to be said to the people of Ahlu al-Sunnah in Iraq, “Here, you’ve got what you wanted and won what you were asking for, and you’ve been saved from the abattoirs of the Rejectionists and the massacres of the Crusaders, so enjoy a secular puppet government for which near and far have beaten the drum.”

And whoever would object to that so-called “Sunni” government would find himself an eccentric outcast, as he would be trying with his actions to destroy this big palace won by the people of Ahlu al-Sunnah in Iraq and under whose umbrella and protection they live.

And in this way the curtain would fall on the sacrifices of the champions, tears of the windows and suffering of the orphans, to be blown away by the storm of celebration, support, polishing and artificial heroics with which that hypothetical government would appear. But Allah saved and rescued the Jihad of Iraq from a crushing blow which would have brought it back to square one, with the declaration of the setting up of the Islamic State of Iraq.

Interviewer: But as you know, many of al-Mujahideen inside and outside of Iraq believe that this step wasn’t in the interest of the Jihad and Mujahideen.

al-Shaykh: As far as I can see, and Allah knows best, the objection by these virtuous ones to the declaration of the Islamic State of Iraq had been blown out of proportion. What our brothers embarked on in terms of the declaration is a step the least that could be said about it is that it is the discretionary judgment of a large group and wide slice of al-Mujahideen, and it should be dealt with on this basis and we should move on from this stage to the stage of direction, guidance, backing, strengthening, closing of ranks and constant striving for what is better and fuller, instead of stopping at the point of the declaration and portraying it as if it is the deathblow for al-Jihad in Iraq, even though the facts on the ground demonstrated otherwise and reveal the major positive aspects which have appeared one after the other after the declaration of the state.

And we shouldn’t close our eyes to the biggest gain of this declaration, which is the rescuing of the Jihad in Iraq from an eradication program which would have destroyed its foundations, and this is the fact which the enemy appreciated before the friend.

So to say that this step was not in the interest of the Jihad and Mujahideen isn’t correct at all,and is a feigning of ignorance which conflicts directly with the reality in which the caravan of Jihad in Iraq is moving. And the fact is, when we want to assess anything and arrive at a correct and fair result, we must weigh the positive and negative aspects which this actor that includes.

They ask you concerning wine and games of chance. Say, ‘In both there is great sin and harm and also some advantages for men, but their sin and harm are greater than their advantage (219)“ Surat al-Baqara

So it may be that one positive aspect, due to its weight, strength and predominance, downs hundreds of negative aspects in its wake, and vice versa.

And those who talk about the great project of Islamic civilization and cling to the model form of it and make it their gauge in the success or failure of any work, have not really gone down to the realistic field of work, and haven’t come into contact with the details of events, and have not looked deeply at the degree of plotting, deception and intrigues which the minds of the chiefs of infidelity produce day after day.

Tell me, for the sake of Allah, will this project of civilization which the minds enjoy imagining and swim in the seas of its fantasy be born overnight, complete and strong and filling the horizon with its prosperity, civilization and vigor? Or will the goings-on of reality and the directions of events be totally reflected on it in its strength, size and expanse, except that it will resist and be resisted, will do its best and will get stronger and ascend until it approaches slowly but surely the stage of perfection, which will only be after a period of decades and not in a day or two?

Interviewer: In your view, what is the most important of the dangers which the brothers in the Islamic State of Iraq face at this stage?

al-Shaykh: As I told you, the announcement of the State was a huge surprise to the enemy occupier by all standards, as the automatic conviction of the Iraqi people became that the State is the immediate and only replacement which will succeed the occupier when he pulls out, Allah permitting.

And with the consecutive blows taken by the Crusaders at the hands of al-Mujahideen there and the increasing internal pressure for the Bush administration, and with the severe threat they feel from the Muslims’ setting up a state with full independence at all levels, the concern of the occupier has become making this project fail and burying it alive in the cradle in any way possible, including pulling out this conviction which has settled in the hearts of the Iraqis with the declaration of the State, to create for them after that any replacements they wish.

And the most successful method in this regard was spreading and feeding internal differences among al-Mujahideen; exploiting some of the points on which their outlooks differ, enlarging them and deepening the rift through them; attempting to infiltrate the ranks to play with the Manhaj al-Jihad from the inside; and committing some ugly actions and attributing them to al-Mujahideen to repel people from them.

And with that, al-Mujahideen will become preoccupied by themselves and busy with the endless chain of their own problems, and their energies will be depleted and their efforts wasted and the trust between them will disappear.
This is why I liken the situation of our brothers in the Islamic State of Iraq to that of someone walking in a minefield in pitch-black darkness, and this requires of them total alertness, constant probing of the danger spots, comprehensive awareness of the types of conspiracies and insight which reveals to them the way of the criminals. And it requires that their decisions spring from a comprehensive view of events, independent treatment of issues, sensing of responsibility at every step and total aloofness from the policy of reactions and responding to provocation, because this is an extremely critical and delicate stage, and emerging from it safely means full victory and total empowerment, with the permission of Allah, the Most High.

From “As-Sahab Second Interview with Shaykh abu Yahia Al-Libi” – September 9, 2007.


5. Shaykh Mustafa Abu al-Yazid

Interviewer: How do you view the behaviours and practices of the Islamic State of Iraq in light of the objection of many of the Jihadi parties in Iraq?

al-Shaykh: Regarding Iraq, thanks to Allah, the Islamic Jihad achieved a lot of its objectives, and this American enemy, after six years, has decided to escape and get out of Iraq.

As for the Islamic State of Iraq, we have supported them and still support them, and we see the continuation of the State as an asset, and as a fundamental principle but the name, it is possible to change the name. There was not a big argument about changing the name. We do not give much attention to the names, but this is a matter for the brothers of Iraq, and the assessment of that is a matter for the brothers of Iraq. They are the ones who decide this matter. As for what is being said, and the criticism of the Islamic State of Iraq, many of those opponents are not believers and aren’t honest, they they claim that the Islamic State of Iraq is doing things. In fact, they are not doing these things. There may be some mistakes in the march of jihad. This is normal, even in the time of the Prophet, ﷺ, some of the companions made mistakes, among them, for example, Khalid ibn al-Walid, may Allah grace him, and Osama ibn Zayd. These mistakes happened, but they are not the fundamental, and it is not the Manhaj (approach). We judge the Islamic State of Iraq to be good, and we judge it to have a good Manhaj and a sound and correct Aqida, Allah willing.

Interviewer: Do you have the idea of unifying the fighting groups in Iraq, the Islamic State of Iraq and others, or do you want all the fighting groups to fold under the banner of the Islamic State of Iraq?

al-Shaykh: We talked of this before, and the calls from Ulama and al-Shaykh Osama, may Allah preserve him, is clear on that. He showed them that this is a Sharia obligation to unify everyone under one group. We see how the Islamic State of Iraq was the first to rise up then many Jihadist groups joined them there, it is in the priority to have the other groups in Iraq join it now. But, if there are big tribulations that go between that because of the name, then we see it is possible to change the name in order to unite all of al-Mujahideen in Iraq.

From “al-Jazeera Interview With al-Shaykh Mustafa Abu al-Yazid” – June 22, 2009.


5. Shaykh Abu Jihad al-Masri (Abu Bakr Naji)

We give good tidings (of victory) to al-Mujahideen in Iraq as long as they remain steadfast. They must not alter (their conviction) that that moment is coming, even if they are tested and shaken (suffer a crushing reversal of fortune). Perhaps it will not come unless with a severe shaking, when the believers say from the depths of their hearts: “This is what Allah and His Messenger promised us and Allah and His Messenger spoke the truth”. The enemy might make this decision (to leave) for a variety of reasons, because of another operation, like beheading the American (i.e. Nicholas Berg), or a new humiliation, like the humiliation of Abu Ghraib, or a new miracle, like the miracle of what happened in al-Fallujah (may Allah strengthen it), when the greatest army in the world surrounded it with their lethal weapons, advanced technology, intense air-cover against a small city in which al-Mujahideen had nothing except light weapons which were not even comparable to the light weapons of the enemy. This is a coming moment, O Mujaheen of Iraq, by the permission of Allah only be steadfast. When that happens, by the permission of Allah, you must only prepare to give thanks for this bounty and grace and be thankful in the manner which there is no time for the rest. None of you should pray Asr (afternoon prayer) unless in the fortresses of the traitors in your countries (move quickly consolidate your victory) and be certain that the terror which will be in their hearts at that time when their idol, America, withdraws will be indescribable. You must do to them, the ministers of their collaborationist government and their police forces what the Messenger of Allah, ﷺ, did to the Banu Qurayza (Jewish tribe).

From “The Management of Savagery”, 2004, by Abu Bakr Naji. 


7. Shaykh Adam Yahya Gadahn (Abu Azzam al-Amriki)

In Iraq, defeated American generals frantically figure out how to cut and run without having to admit defeat to the American public, a topic doubtlessly forming the major part of Gates’ discussions with Petraeus on December 5. Meanwhile, American forces and their local proxies appeared to have suffered the heaviest of losses at the hands of al-Mujahideen foremost among them the Islamic State of Iraq led by al-Mujahid, Emir Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, who oversees the implementation of Islamic Sharia and directs the Jihad against the unbelievers and apostates in the areas subject to the Islamic Emirate, which the Americans and their new-found friends, the so-called “Awakening Councils” and other groups of turncoats will continue to be incapable of destroying, with Allah’s help and power.

From “An Invitation to Reflection and Repentance” – January 6, 2008.

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